5 Causes of Bed Bugs Infestations That You Need to Know


Bed bugs are very common insecticides which you will be able you find in your homes especially when you are a travel freak and do not care about the condition in which your things are kept and also when you have the habit of living in unhygienic conditions. Most importantly, it occurs when you are least bothered about who is entering your house, in what conditions is he entering, what is entering your house and in what conditions the things are kept at your place.  Also, it can’t be completely alleged that dirt and poverty are the reasons for growing number of bed bugs.

These days’ bed bugs have become the much talked of concept and therefore it becomes very important to know few things in detail about how these bed bugs occur, so that it can be prevented in future days. There are countless of reasons of why beg bugs can occur at your places and it is very difficult to tell all of them. So, below is the list of few most common reasons about the causes and spreading of these bed bugs. For removal of these bed bugs, always keep in mind the tips stated below.

  1. Used Clothes and Stuffed Toys Should Be Properly Washed

It should be noted that above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs aren’t able to survive. So, whenever, you buy new clothes or share clothes in your friend circle or other company, you should always keep in mind that you wear them after washing in hot water. Also remember that the stuff toys which are present in your homes are washed with warm water on a regular basis. Apart from these, wash properly other things also in warm water like bed sheets. Even when you buy new clothes from the market, try wearing it after washing it once. So, always wash your stuffs properly before using.

  1. Be Aware of Your Company

Always take note of the fact that bed bugs are incapable of moving, flying or jumping and they can only crawl. So, in order to move from one place to another or from one thing to the other thing, they have to crawl. So, always take care that whenever you go to your neighbor’s house, or if someone comes to yours, then always be cautious.

  1. Do Not Disturb Them

If you are suspected that your home is infected with bed bugs then make sure even if you find them, you are not disturbing them. Once you disturb them they will spread in your whole house rapidly. So, make sure that either you do not disturb them or when you find them you call a bed bug professional or a removal firm as soon as possible.

  1. Not Only Fabrics, Non-Fabrics Cause Them Too

It is not always necessary that only the fabrics help your house in being infected with bed bugs. Other stuffs apart from fabrics which you get from the market, which may have been kept in a place which was prone to bed bugs also helps your homes in getting infected with these bed bugs. So, always remember that whatever things you get from the market, be it anything you properly check it before bringing and after reaching home, you should properly wipe it off using a rough cloth.

  1. Keep A Watch at Your Surroundings

Whenever you are in a place that is infected with bed bugs, always make sure that you are extra alert while using and keeping your stuffs here and there. Make sure you are very cautious regarding your stuffs as these bed bugs are so tiny that you won’t be able to see them.

As, stated above these are few reasons why bed bugs occur at several places, your home not being an exception of it. You should always keep a note of these causes and try to prevent it so that your home and other places of your stay are free from bed bugs.

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