5 Benefits of Paying Close Attention to Online Reviews


All brands can speak. But can your brand listen?

In a market that is increasingly being connected through the power of the internet, people don’t need to depend on their local stores anymore. ‘Which brand should I buy’ is a common question that haunts customers! Everyone expects top notch service for their money. People usually buy from companies they trust (i.e. branded and old companies). But now, with so many brands online, how do the customer choose?

Behold, the power of the internet! Surveys reveal that 88% customers depend on online reviews when buying something new. The majority opinion is trusted as much as a personal recommendation. For a tech-savvy, modern firm such as yours, getting comfortable with the vast internet community is crucial. You might think that taking and monitoring reviews on your brand is risky- what if a negative review comes? It’s a scary thought, but you see, the benefits of being active in the online review community more than make up for that, as-

  1. Reviews reveal the hidden details

Useful product reviews are written by people who have something to say. More often than not, these reviews contain titbits of valuable insight that you can immediately use to improve your product! Moreover, if you are promoting a certain feature or a service, the reviews will usually cover that aspect in detail (long battery life, for example) allowing you to judge the market reaction. If the reviews mention other products or features you don’t provide, pay attention. All of them are hints on what your customer base is looking for (the ‘in’ thing).

  1. Show yourself to be on the side of the customer

Your fame and success as a brand all depend on your customer. You might be selling a great product or service, but what if the customer doesn’t feel the ‘connect’? Personally, replying and hearing out their concerns through online reviews gives your company a much-needed human touch, something which is missing in the online world. People just want to be felt and understood. Don’t we all?

Taking an active part in monitoring reviews and following up attracts other customers into providing their feedback, which will make your product look even better. It will give you a wealth of new ideas to work upon too.

  1. Keeps you aware

The world is more digitally connected than ever before. Apart from giants like Google, several independent sites collect customer reviews and showcase them for the public to see. Being active in reading and replying to these reviews makes a great impression, as search engines usually bring up these reviews directly whenever your product is searched. Paying close attention will help you weed out negative reviews that you might miss and which might end up chasing your customers away.

Tells you about your competition

Reviews, especially reviews that compare different products are invaluable. Remember all the brainstorming you did with the fellows in the planning/R&D department? This is where you find out whether your predictions worked or not. Feedback from the customer puts you in perspective with the competition, and points out any holes in your entire chain of strategy (from drafting to the final marketing). Reviews give you a free look into what your competition is doing and working on, allowing you to be one step ahead.

Keeps you on your toes

Your job doesn’t end as soon as you make the sale!  Customers expect delivery, service/repair and response to any warranty claims they have. Slacking off in these departments might hurt your reputation. Keeping a close watch on your product reviews tells you the satisfaction level of the customer post-sale. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer.


In order to achieve and progress, you must get past your fears. You can’t please everyone, and there always will be an unsatisfied customer tucked away somewhere. Expect to be humbled, and remember, having balanced reviews makes your product look legitimate and builds trust. Provide excellent service, and you’ll notice that the good reviews outweigh the bad ones. When that happens, congratulations! You just made your mark on the internet!

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