3 Things You Cannot Afford to Hide From Your Divorce Lawyer


A divorce is deeply painful and confusing for many people. Many try as much as they can to protect themselves from the impending consequences. As a result, they may be tempted to hide things from their lawyers. This is completely wrong and may result in more significant problems than you had anticipated. It is very important you be honest with your lawyer to empower him to truly protect your best interests. Here are three things you should never hide from your divorce lawyer.

Do Not Hide the Bad Things You Did

A marriage is a partnership that brings two people together. It takes the efforts of the two to break and or make a marriage. It is important you reveal the wrong things you did, even if you feel your partner largely contributed to the failure. It is likely your attorney has represented people who did far much worse things than you in their marriages. Revealing the wrong things you did in the marriage can give the attorney a broader outlook on the matter and prepare accordingly for any surprises. He needs to know the whole truth in order to take care of your interests and represent you better.

Do Not Conceal Your Finances

It is normal to protect your personal finances as much as possible during a divorce. This is because any wrong action can have serious and long-term implications on your credit. Some people develop anxiety when they think of these consequences to an extent where they hide any information pertaining to their finances to the lawyer. A Winder divorce attorney is trained to take care of your financial interests during a divorce. He can help you collect as many documents as possible and ensure your partner does not take advantage of any loophole that might exist.

Do Not Hide Any Suspicion About Your Partner

Some people choose to hide suspicions about their spouses because they are afraid of being judged. Do not hide the bad character of your spouse, even if it will compromise his or her reputation. Hiding your spouse’s bad character can prevent you from getting the upper hand in the case. It can even jeopardize the safety of your children if your spouse gets custody. Let your attorney know about the suspicions to enable him handle the case in a way that is safer for other people involved.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Your lawyer is your ally in the entire divorce process. Make sure you choose someone you are comfortable working with for a long duration. You can ask your friends or workmates who have gone through a divorce successfully to recommend their lawyers for you. You can also talk to other lawyers for referrals.

Always ensure you do a thorough background check on the prospective lawyer before you hire him. Go online and look at the existing reviews about the lawyer and check with the local bar association to see if he has any disciplinary records. You might also want to choose someone who is experienced in family law.

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