3 Reasons Why a Gaming Laptop Is a Good Purchase (Aside from Gaming)


Just because they are called gaming laptops doesn’t mean they are specifically designed for gaming. Yes, there are features in a gaming laptop that make gaming on them – even playing some of the more demanding titles – very pleasant. Features like task prioritization or game mode, which lets games use more RAM and computing resources when running, certainly helps make heavier games run smoother on laptops.

However, gaming laptops can just be capable laptops for other tasks. Now that they are not as flashy as they used to, they make great choices for those of you looking to buy a capable laptop. Here are 4 ways going with a gaming laptop can benefit you and the things you can do when you have the punching power of one.

Faster Video Editing

For content creators, gaming laptops are the go-to machines. Yes, we have Apple’s new M1 and M2 chips disrupting the market, but none can beat combinations like an AMD Ryzen 9 processor and an NVIDIA RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 graphics card. You can run Adobe Premier and DaVinci Resolve with ease on machines with these specs.

A gaming laptop lets you take your content creation work anywhere you like. If you love going on long trips and you still want to post new videos to your channel or social media accounts, having a gaming laptop with you will be a huge plus. Don’t forget that they are much more portable than they used to be, so you will not break your back lugging them around.

Good for Design Work

If it can handle video editing with ease, it can certainly handle design work without a problem. Software like Adobe Photoshop can be very demanding, but gaming laptops have enough RAM to handle multiple projects at the same time. Most laptops come with 16 GB of RAM to work with, with 32 GB becoming more common these days.

We also need to acknowledge that most gaming laptops use fast NVMe SSD storage of up to 2 TB. The Lenovo Slim 7 Gen 6, for example, comes with 2 TB of PCIe SSD, offering an average read and write speeds of over 1 Gbps. That’s more than what any desktop hard drive and most external SSD can offer. The 2 TB certainly helps store your projects until you can back them up safely.

Even Better for Programming

There are reasons why more developers are switching to gaming laptops. It’s not just because they can play a few rounds of Apex Legends in between coding sessions either. Gaming laptops and the processing power they offer are perfect for running code simulations and local containers without sacrificing performance.

The laptops themselves come with large screens, 14-inch or larger in most cases, and have good resolution. A 15.6-inch QHD display at a high refresh rate is a gem for coding. You will be surprised by how much longer you can sit in front of your laptop when you have a very nice screen to work with. Add a tactile keyboard to the mix, and you have the perfect device indeed.

Regardless of how you want to use the gaming laptop, today’s options also offer the best price-to-performance ratio. Since they are no longer flashy, you can consider them great options the next time you search for a good laptop for these use cases.

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