2019 Genesis G80: Safety and Driver Assistance Features


Safety has always been on the top of the minds of Genesis engineers, because of which we find all the Genesis models equipped with the latest safety and driver Assistance Features. The 2019 Genesis G80 is no exception. Here is a list of those features that we collected from the Ardmore Genesis dealer.

Driver Assistance Features

As you drive the 2019-year edition of Genesis G80, the following Driver Assistance Features will make your drive safer, even if you miss the clues.

Lane Keeping Assist

The Lane Keeping Assist is a feature that uses the front-mounted camera to capture, read and interpret the road lines through the markings. If the vehicle you are driving is about to drift away of its lane the feature will be able to sense it and as a consequence throw an audio alert to the driver and apply slightly corrective measures to the steering to keep the G80 perfectly aligned within its lane.

Blind Spot Collision Warning

Blind Spot Collision Warning is a system that alerts the driver when it detects any object coming in the way of the vehicle especially during a lane change. Sensing one, it throws a secondary alert whenever you will try to activate the turn indicator. This feature substantially helps the driver while reversing the car, or while taking the car out of a narrow parking slot. It also alerts people around that a car is moving near them.

Rear Cross-traffic Collision Alert

The rear-cross traffic collision alert is yet another feature that alerts the driver of the approaching vehicles from the sides.

Driver Attention Warning

The Driver Attention warning feature is based on an advanced technology that can analyze the driving patterns and can detect the state of mind of the driver, if he is distracted, fatigued or falling asleep. The system will issue both a visual and an audio alert to the driver and suggest the driver to take rest and not to continue to drive.

Safety Features

Even after all the precautionary steps, your 2019 Genesis G80 gets entangled in a collision, the safety features installed inside the cabin will apply their effects to save you from the harsh impacts of the collision. Here’s how:

Anti-Lock Brakes can automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating because of extreme braking pressure and hence reduce it to allow the tire to start rotating again helping the vehicle to turn easily while braking.

Stability Control too can automatically sense the handling limits of the vehicle and whenever they have been exceeded. It then reduces the engine power and applies the brakes to prevent the driver from losing control on the vehicle.

Set of Nine Airbags: The Ardmore Genesis experts showed us that the 2019 G80 is equipped with a full set of airbags placed at nine strategic points to save the car occupants at the event of a collision by reducing the harsh thuds of body parts against the hard surface. It includes front, side, upper and knee airbags for all the occupants.

The Verdict

Though these features are installed by the responsible automakers like Genesis, it doesn’t imply that the drivers can afford to drive irresponsibly.

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