10 Tips to Maintain Your RV For Hassle-Free Road Trips


When you are heading out on a road trip with your RV, you definitely don’t want to break down right in the middle of your trip. That’s why it’s crucial that you spend a lot of your time maintaining your RV and ensuring that everything is picture perfect for that trip of a lifetime. Keep reading down below to learn about the top ways that you can maintain your RV for a hassle-free road trip.

  1. You’ve got to use plenty of lube

Anything that moves on your RV is privy to stick at least once and not work as well as it should. That’s going to be fixed when you throw a bit of lube on there every once a while. Any hinge or slider needs to have some lube every once in a while, to keep working like brand new.

  1. Make sure to use wax after cleaning

Whenever you clean your RV (which should be regularly), you should definitely put on a coat of wax to ensure that the exterior of the vehicle is properly protected from the elements. A good coat of wax is not only going to make your car shine, but will ensure that UV rays from the sun doesn’t damage the Exterior RV Paint Job.

  1. Inflate your tires and check on them regularly

Of course, when you’re going on a road trip, you want to ensure that you don’t have a flat tire along the way. That can completely ruin your road trip! Make sure that you are checking your tires on a regular basis so that they are filled up for your trip. And whenever you leave for your trip, check the tires to be sure they are ready to go.

  1. Ensure you have spares of the lights on your RV

Whenever you are going along your road trip, you definitely want to have lights to guide you on those night and evening journeys. That’s why you should keep spare bulbs in your RV for every light in your RV. You never know what can happen!

  1. Check around to see if there are any exposed or broken seams

Before you set out on your road trip, you want to make sure there are no broken seams anywhere in your RV. If there are any exposed areas, then make sure these are fixed before you head out.

  1. Check underneath your RV

Yes, this is definitely a pain. But checking the underside of your RV is crucial if you want to know what’s going on down there and ensure there are no loose parts that need RV Repairs in Surprise, Arizona.

  1. Check the monoxide and smoke sensors on a regular basis

An important part of your RV road trip is safety. That’s why you should be checking the batteries on your carbon monoxide and smoke sensors on a regular basis. This is going to be a big protection for you and your family.

  1. Make sure to keep an eye on the voltages

You should do a voltage check on your RV on a regular basis to ensure everything is going well with your battery.

  1. Sanitize your fresh water tank

Of course, when you are on a road trip in your RV, you need fresh water to keep you and your family healthy. However, if you haven’t sanitized your fresh water tank in a while, then that’s something to definitely do before your next trip.

  1. Give everything a bit of a tightening

And lastly, just go around your RV and tighten any screws that are in the vehicle. Sometimes with all of the jostling around on trips, these screws can get loosened and pose a threat to your next trip.

Each of these points are super important to remember when you set off on your next road trip with your RV. Keep them in mind and you’re going to have a great time without any problems!

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