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Buying a New Car vs An Old Used Car-Factors to Keep in Mind

Looking to buy a car? The dilemma many of us face is in deciding whether to go for a new car or a used car. Buying a new one might be a tempting option but one must know the fact that both used and new cars have their own pros and cons. Therefore it is advisable to consider both options while making the decision. Below listed are a few advantages and disadvantages of both used and new cars which might make your decision easier.

Advantages of buying a new car

The most important advantage of buying a new car is that you get to be the first hand owner of the vehicle. This means one need not worry about it being mechanically sound or road worthy. Also one can be assured of the fact that the car doesn’t have a past of being involved in any kind of accidents. A new car comes with all the latest pre loaded accessories and you have the authority to choose the interior and exterior color and finish. As compared to use cars the new cars are relatively maintenance free during the initial period for a few thousand kilometers. All they require would be the periodic oil change which often dealers like the Hyundai Houston Dealers offer to do it free for the first time to build a goodwill.  New cars unlike the used ones also come with the advantage of higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Apart from this there is a warranty that is new and untouched. Hence one does not have the need to pay for any extended warranty.

While buying a used car price is one factor that comes into play in case you have a constrained budget. Also you can have the liberty of buying a particular model which otherwise would be out of reach with the new model. Another reason for the used cars being cheaper is that the road tax is already paid for. Therefore a considerable amount is reduced from the final price. There is a considerable amount of depreciation with the new car once it is out of the dealer premises which are not the case with used cars as they tend to depreciate less. The main cause of concern with used cars that many have is the condition of the vehicle. The possible solution to this to look for reputed dealers who deal in pre owned cars like the Hyundai Houston Dealers. Dealers like them have a variety of models on display which undergo rigorous inspection before being made available to the customer. Therefore one can be rest assured on the quality and condition of the vehicle. The disadvantage with a used car is that it can become outdated interns of features, add cons and accessories as technological advancements are happening very fast. There are pros and cons of buying a new or a used car but always make informed decisions by taking into consideration all the factors like budget, financing options, interest rates and the vehicle condition.


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